1800 Will of James Fish B 1746 New Windsor Berkshire (died Nov 1800)

the transcription is incomplete and your help would be appreciated wrt the missing bits

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1801 Will of James Fish of New Windsor

pg 1 
Front cover of national archives will James Fish 
page no 198 

pg 2 line 1
In the name of God amen,
pg 2 line 2
I James Fish of the parish of Heston in the county
pg 2 line 3
of Middlesex Inn-holder do make this my last will
pg 2 line 4
and testament in manner and form following (that
pg 2 line 5
is to say) I give and devise unto my dear wife Sarah
pg 2 line 6
all those my freehold messuages or tenements
pg 2 line 7
with the stables and gardens ground and hereditaments
pg 2 line 8
there unto belonging situate and being in acertain
pg 2 line 9
street called sheet street in new Windsor in the
pg 2 line 10
County of Berks to hold unto my said wife for and
pg 2 line 11
during the term of her natural life and from and
pg 2 line 12
immediately after my said wife Sarah I give
pg 2 line 13
and divide the same freehold messuage or
pg 2 line 14
tenements garden ground and premises unto my
pg 2 line 15
friend William Allwright of New Windsor 
pg 2 line 16
aforesaid carpenter his heirs executors and assigns 
pg 2 line 17
upon this special trust and confidence that he the
pg 2 line 18
said William Allwright his heirs Executors or
pg 2 line 19
administrators shall and do as soon as conveniently
pg 2 line 20
maybe after my said wife death sell and dispose
pg 2 line 21
of and said messuages or tenements garden
pg 2 line 22
ground hereditaments and premises either by
pg 2 line 23
public sale or private contract for the most
pg 2 line 24
money that can be had and gotton for the same
pg 2 line 25
and the money arising from the sale of the
pg 2 line 26
said messuages or tenements hereditaments and
pg 2 line 27
premises I do hereby direct shall be placed out
pg 2 line 28
on government security and the interest dividends
pg 2 line 29
and produce thereof to be paid and applied toward
pg 2 line 30
the maintenance education and bringing up
pg 2 line 31
of my children George, Sophia and Martha until
pg 2 line 32
they shall respectively attain the age of twenty
pg 2 line 33
one years and if any or either of my said children
pg 2 line 34
should happen to depart this life before her
pg 2 line 35
she or they should attain the age of twenty
pg 2 line 36
one years and from and immediately after my said
pg 2 line 37
children or the survivor or survivors of them
pg 2 line 38
shall have attained the age of twenty one years
pg 2 line 39
I hereby direct my said trustee to pay and apply
pg 2 line 40
the said principle sum of money so placed
pg 2 line 41
out as aforesaid in manner following (that
pg 2 line 42
is to say) to equally divide and pay the same
pg 2 line 43
by and between my three daughters Elizabeth
pg 2 line 44
Sophia and Martha and son George in and
pg 2 line 45
by equal shares proportions I give and 
pg 2 line 46
bequeath unto my said wife all the …… 
pg 2 line 47
money securities for money and money in
pg 2 line 48
the public funds that I shall be ……… 
pg 2 line 49
at the time of my death to and for her own

Pg 3 will James fish 1802
pg 3 line 1
use and benefit ……    …    …….. my said trustee that 
pg 3 line 2
  ………..  immediately after my death
pg 3 line 3
sell off and dispose of public sale or Private
pg 3 line 4
contract all my stock in trade of every 
pg 3 line 5
description whatsoever and the money 
pg 3 line 6
arising from the sale thereof to place on
pg 3 line 7
Government security and for dividends
pg 3 line 8
and produce ….    to the aid and applied
pg 3 line 9
towards the maintenances and support of 
pg 3 line 10
my said wife during her natural life and to 
pg 3 line 11
enable her to maintain and bring 
pg 3 line 12
up my children George, Sophia and Martha 
pg 3 line 13
till they shall respectively attain the age of 
pg 3 line 14
twenty one years and if any or all of them 
pg 3 line 15
my said children shall happen to depart this
pg 3 line 16
life before he or she or they shall attain the age 
pg 3 line 17
of twenty one years ….  and in that case
pg 3 line 18
cannot my said trustee to pay and apply the 
pg 3 line 19
.... and dividends of the said ... 
pg 3 line 20
sum of money last mentioned to be raised by
pg 3 line 21
new sale of my said stoke and trade for the
pg 3 line 22
support and maintenance of my said wife
pg 3 line 23
during the term of her natural life jointly with
pg 3 line 24
the survivor and survivors of my said children
pg 3 line 25
till he she or they shall attain the age of twenty
pg 3 line 26
one years and from and after the death of my
pg 3 line 27
 said children or their survivor or survivors of the children
pg 3 line 28
shall have attained the age of twenty one years 
pg 3 line 29
... ... my said trustee to pay and apply 
pg 3 line 30
the said part of the said 
pg 3 line 31
money last mentioned to be raised by the sale 
pg 3 line 32
of my stock and trade in manor following 
pg 3 line 33
that is to say to my son Robert of New Windsor 
pg 3 line 34
aforesaid Sadler and Harness maker the sum of
pg 3 line 35
twenty pounds of lawful money of Great Britain
pg 3 line 36
to be paid to my said son by my said trustee
pg 3 line 37
within 6 months next after my said wife 
pg 3 line 38
decease I also give and bequeath unto my son
pg 3 line 39
Charles now living with me the sum of ten 
pg 3 line 40
pounds of lawful money of Great Britain to 
pg 3 line 41
be paid to my said son Charles by my said 
pg 3 line 42
Trustee within six months next after my
pg 3 line 43
said wife’s decease and I give and bequeath unto 
pg 3 line 44
my daughter Sarah now the wife of Simon 
pg 3 line 45
Pearce I give the sum of fifty pounds of lawful
pg 3 line 46
Money of Great Britain to be paid to my 
pg 3 line 47
said daughter Sarah by my said trustee
pg 3 line 48
within six months next after my said wife’s decease
pg 3 line 49
death and all to give and bequest unto my son
pg 3 line 50
James the sum of twenty pounds of lawful
pg 3 line 51
Money of Great Britain to be paid to my said 
Pg 3 postscript bottom right
 If …. died, in that case I direct my said trustee to pay and apply the testator said dividends arising from the said principle sum of money placed out as aforesaid towards the maintenance and education and bringing up of said surviving child or children till he or she or they shall attain the age of twenty one years
Pg 199
pg 4 line 1
son James by my said trustee within six months 
pg 4 line 2
next after my said wifes decease I also give and 
pg 4 line 3
bequeath unto my son John the sum of twenty 
pg 4 line 4
pounds of lawful money of Great Britain to 
pg 4 line 5
be paid to my said son John by my said trustee 
pg 4 line 6
within six months next after my said wife’s all 
pg 4 line 7
which said last mentioned legacies give unto
pg 4 line 8
my said sons Robert and Charles my daughter
pg 4 line 9
Sarah my sons James and John also hereby
pg 4 line 10
direct same be paid out of the said stock
pg 4 line 11
arising from the sale of my said stock in trade
pg 4 line 12
all the rest residue and remainder of my personal
pg 4 line 13
estate not held in before by use disposed of I give 
pg 4 line 14
and bequeath the same unto my said wife
pg 4 line 15
for her own use and benefit I give unto the two said
pg 4 line 16
William Allwright my trustee the sum of
pg 4 line 17
five pounds for the trouble he may have in 
pg 4 line 18
the execution of this my will and the trusts hereby
pg 4 line 19
in him reposed and do hereby declare that the
pg 4 line 20
said William Allwright his executors or administrators
pg 4 line 21
shall not be chargeable with or accountable
pg 4 line 22
for any more of the aforesaid trust money
pg 4 line 23
estate and premises than he shall actually 
pg 4 line 24
receive or shall come to his hands by virtue
pg 4 line 25
of this my will nor with or for any loses
pg 4 line 26
which shall happen of the same estate 
pg 4 line 27
monies and premises or any part thereof so
pg 4 line 28
as such loses happen without his wilful 
pg 4 line 29
neglect or default and also that it shall
pg 4 line 30
and may be lawfully to and for the said
pg 4 line 31
William Allwright his executors and admors  
pg 4 line 32
in the first place by and out of the aforesaid
pg 4 line 33
trust estate monies and premises to not
pg 4 line 34
and Windsor ………………..
pg 4 line 35
Respectively all such loses costs charges and expenses
pg 4 line 36
as the said William Allwright his executors
pg 4 line 37
or administrators shall sustain expend or to 
pg 4 line 38
be put unto for or by 
pg 4 line 39
Thrust …………..
pg 4 line 40
and estate moneys and ……
pg 4 line 41
Management …….
pg 4 line 42
bring any ……
pg 4 line 43
the said James ffish 
pg 4 line 44
this my last will and testament
pg 4 line 45
in three streets of paper set my hand and seal
pg 4 line 46
as follows my hand to the bottom of the two
pg 4 line 47
first sheets and my hand and seal to this
pg 4 line 48
and last sheet … of this twenty seventh day
pg 4 line 49
of August in the year of our lord one
pg 4 line 50
thousand eight hundred: James Fish

signed sealed published and declared by the

 Pg 5 James Fish will
pg 5 line 1
said James ffish the testator as and for his last
pg 5 line 2
will and testament in the presence of us who
pg 5 line 3
At his request in his presence and in the
pg 5 line 4
Presence of ..... other have hold unto set
pg 5 line 5
and subscribed our names as witnesses the
pg 5 line 6
words "and son George" in the first sheet
pg 5 line 7
and the words "said wife’s in the second sheet
pg 5 line 8
being first int....... Charles Round 
pg 5 line 9
Windsor Attorney at Law Richard Faviolo 
pg 5 line 10
of Stains as Butcher, Richard King of the same 
pg 5 line 11
place Inn Holder.
pg 5 line 12
On the twenty first day of January in the year of our
pg 5 line 13
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and one admon
pg 5 line 14
Wife the will admitted
pg 5 line 15
Of all and singular the goods chattels and goods..
pg 5 line 16
Of the said James ffish formally of New Windsor in 
pg 5 line 17
the county of Berkshire but late of the parish of Heston
pg 5 line 18
In the county of Middlesex .........was granted
pg 5 line 19
To Sarah ffish widow the relict and rosemary
pg 5 line 20
Legater named in the said will having been
pg 5 line 21
First sworn by Commission only to administer
pg 5 line 22
as the executor. (end of Will)

Pg 5 Top Left
Top left hand side of last page 5
pg 5 line 1
On the 7th Feb 1803 
pg 5 line 2
Admin with the will
pg 5 line 3
……    ……..   goods
pg 5 line 4
chattels and ……      of
pg 5 line 5
James ffish formally 
pg 5 line 6
of New Windsor in the
pg 5 line 7
county of Berkshire
pg 5 line 8
Late of the ..... of Heston
pg 5 line 9
in the county of Middlesex
pg 5 line 10
Dec'd left by .......
pg 5 line 11
Dec'd whilst living...
pg 5 line 12
Sarah ffish widow
pg 5 line 13
Legally named in the said will was given
pg 5 line 14
To Robert Fish the son....
pg 5 line 15
Minor and of the goods of the said Sarah fish
Pg 5 line 16
 …….           ……………          …………..
walters notes

Conclusions & Implication of Information from the Will of James Fish
List of all names in will  age as of 1802

The following family members are alive as of 1802 (time of will)

Sarah Fish wife and now widow of James fish (deceased)

Robert Fish aged 32 - Sadler and Harness maker of New Windsor

Charles Fish aged 30 - living with parents in Heston at time of his father James Death.

Elizabeth Fish aged 28

Sarah Pearce (nee Fish) aged 24 and husband Simon Pearce

James Fish aged 22

John Fish aged 20

George Fish aged 18

Sophia Fish aged 17

Martha Fish aged 13

William Allwright – executor of will Carpenter of New Windsor

Charles Round - Windsor Attorney at Law

Richard Faviolo - of Stains as Butcher

Richard King of the same place Inn Holder

Implications and assumptions drawn from will

Sarah Pearce (nee Fish) aged 22 and husband Simon Pearce, (they continue to run the White Bear Inn in Hounslow, they buy the Inn in 1809),

Sarah Fish widow of James Fish deceased 1801 dies in 1802 so the property must have been sold and money put into a trust as required in the will, I have not found the trust and do not have any more information. I will endeavour to chase down the details of the trust fund. If anyone can help with this line of enquiry


Who is Rosemary? Or is it a mis transcription!!??

.......... Was granted to Sarah Fish widow and Robert and Rosemary 

Research Action for the future

Trust fund – details 


James Fish owned property in New Windsor in 1798, the land Tax Record above shows the detail 
We can't find the exact location of the property yet and I will update the website as soon as I find the location. I suspect it is in Sheet Street New Windsor.

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