to confirm relationships between the people documented in these Wills 
involved in the life of Captain John Fish & his step son John Dent Fish
(in China, India & England between 1800 & 1900) 

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Ref 1 WILL Mary Fish (nee Colledge) Kilsby beneficiaries died 1872  
John Crocket Fish son & sole executor Northampton Rev John Dent Fish in will but he died 1868 before his mother Mary Fish
Thomas Richardson Colledge,Mary's brother in Cheltenham

Ref 2 Will Capt John Fish Kilsby 1865
John Crocket Fish son & one of executors 
Rev John Dent Fish other executor Banbury
Mary Fish wife
 Ref 3 WILL letter of administration only NO WILL died 16 Oct 1861 Henrietta Barnes FISH 
(nee Chesterman) at 8 Fitzroy Sqr
  wife of Rev John Dent Fish the witness to the WILL

Ref 4 WILL MARY Fish Bredin (Field) d 4 Jan 1909
Lancelot John Fish (Stepson)
Rev John Dent Fish (Late Father) 
Rev Francis
Granville Channon
Exec Alfred
Benjamin Field (Brother)
Rev Edwin Bredin (late husband)
Ethyl Mary
Bredin (daughter)
Edward Janson Atkins (trustee)
Agnes kate Roscoe
wife of Rev J Roscoe
John Bester

Ref 5 WILL Rev John Dent Fish 8 Fitzroy Sqr 1868
John Crocket Fish executor
Mary Fish
??? Fish
Wilkinson Dent 8 Fitzroy Sqr
John Fish
People in WILL
Harriette Barnes Chesterman
Robert Dent
Arthur E Finch
William Caldwell
Executors proved by oaths of

Ref 6 WILL of John Crockett Fish died June 1889
lancelot john fish son of Rev John Dent Fish
John college price
Charles william paterson
Matilda paterson
Elizabeth price
John walter price
Margaret price
Thomas Wilkinson
John Dent
Harvey William Dent
Richard austen chesterman
James Thompson
Elizabeth Cowley
Mary williams 
Herbert archibald fish winn
Lawrence john fish winn
Charlotte winn
Ethel Mary Fish Winn
John Dent 8 Fitzroy Sqr
??? Tremayne

Ref 7 WILL Thomas Richardson Colledge died 28 Oct 1879 at Cheltenham
Wife Caroline Shillaber
John Pike (valued Coachman)
Ann Pullock (wife maid)
William Henry Gunnett a
Friend of Cheltenham)
Henry Roger Wilson
Major Cunliffe Martin husband of his daughter
late son George Colledge & children of George
John Colledge (son), eldest son of John Colledge & daughter or daughters
Executors & solicitors
Proved 19 Nov 1879 by
Henry Roger Wilson Esq a friend of Suffolk
Rowland Ticehurst Esq a friend of Cheltenham
Rowland J Ticehurst
Arthur C W Boyce of Ticehurst
& Sons Solicitors of Cheltenham

Ref 8 WILL LANCELOT DENT died 1853
Wilkinson Dent - brother executor of will
William Dent - brother executor of will
Rev John Dent Fish - son executor of will
John Crockett Fish at Cambridge
Elizabeth Dent
Robert Wilkinson Dent son of charlotte
John Dent son of charlotte
Charlotte Wilkinson Dent
daughter of Charlotte dent
Arthur Elley Finch
Phillip Stevenson ? Grays Inn
W D Gosling? witness
W C Curteis ? witness
W M Dent witness

Ref 9 LINK DENT V DENT Court Case 1861
Lancelot Dent's WILL contested in court
Plaintive Thomas Wilkinson John Dent Westmorland
William Dent
John Dent Fish
Wilkinson Dent
Henry William Dent
Ernest Dent infant
Arthur Elley Finch
John Dent Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson Dent
William Dent
John Dent Fish
Arthur Elley Finch
Lancelot William Dent
Edward Hayley Palmer
Alfred Hudson Shadwell

Ref 10  WILL WILKINSON DENT died 10 May 1886 8 Fitzroy Sqr
probate 23 June 1886
Executors of WILL
John Dent nephew
Thomas Edward Jennings
Arthur Elley
Finch a friend
Edward Keels
witnesses to will
Henry M Madge
Mr William Hurwood
Beneficiaries in WILL
John Dent (Nephew)
Elizabeth Dent (Sister)
Thomas Wilkinson John Dent (nephew)
Robert Wilkinson Dent (eldest son of Thomas WJ Dent)
Mrs Susan Dent (niece) relic of late Robert Cecil Dent
Edward Cecil Dent
son of susan Dent
Herbert Wilkinson Dent
son of swan Dent
Edgar John Dent son of Susan Dent
Wilkinson Dent Bird (god son &
son of John Dent Bird)
Thomas Tyler Dent (nephew)
Mrs Kate Bewsher (nee Colledge)
her husband William Blackett Bewsher
5 children of niece Kate Bewsher by her 1st husband
Mrs Cavanagh (called Bonnie)
Lancelot Dent Colledge
Lesley Colledge
Alfred Colledge
Arthur Colledge
Mrs Arnold Thompson (niece)
her 3 children
Ethyl, Sydney & Maurice
Henry William Dent (nephew)
his children Ernest & Vyvian
Mrs Mary Fish Bredin widow of
Rev Edward Bredin & former
widow of Rev John Dent Fish
and her stepson
Lancelot John Fish
John Crockett Fish
Henry Miles De St Crowe grand nephew of
a friend Nicholus De St Crowe
Alexander Bremner
partner Mr Laycock
Alice Atkinson my housekeeper at Flass House
Charlotte Hardiment my housekeeper at 8 Fitzroy Sqr
Elizabeth & George
Jane wife of George
Benson Winskill, Thommy Noble, 
Miles Till, Mary Beaumont, old Thompson
(carpenter) at Flass House

Ref 11  WILL of Commander John Crockett - of Lintin Fleet in China
JOHN FISH of Slough
JOHN DURLEY of Middelsex
John Daubeny
Edward Jenner

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