Introduction Windsor Fish Family

Windsor Fish Family History

  William Fish;     Harry & Caroline (nee Fish) Gloyne;    Charles McDonald Fish & Wife;  James Adolphus Fish;   Felix Florez;    Walter Fish 

England 1700 to South Africa 2018

Genealogical and biographical records and sketches


Researched by Walter Mark Veldsman (pen name Walter Fish 
I am using my Grandfather Walter Fish's name as he started the family history research so I am continuing the fine work he started - thank you grandpa, we love you and miss you)
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The Fish family can be traced directly through a documented trail in Cape Town South Africa and back to 1720 in Windsor in the county of Berkshire England.

The earliest records we have found to date of our direct ancestors are John Fish and Elizabeth (born about 1720), they attended St Andrews church in Clewer village in Windsor Berkshire.  All their four children and some grandchildren where baptised in St Andrew’s Church. One of the children got married in St Andrew and a few were buried in the grounds of the church. No grave stones survive to this day.

They must have moved closer to Windsor as their younger children where baptised at St John The Baptist Church in the High street of Windsor. The Queen is the patron of the church and has and still goes to church there at least once a year.  The church is located about 100 meters from Windsor Castle, the Queen’s official residence.

Extensive research has been undertaken at the Berkshire records office and archives in Reading Berkshire. The Berkshire Family History Society has many useful records. The full microfiche transcribed records of the churches were consulted.

The 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91 and 1901 Berkshire census records were also consulted to estabish the movements of the family. The electors poll registers and trade directories also yielded some interesting details.

Extensive research continues to try to trace the FISH family further back in time, closer to the time of a few Fish families around 1400. A great deal of early FISH data has been collected but the links to other Fish families have not materialised yet. An exciting area for further research for any interested family volunteers.

A large amount of research has also been undertaken at the local Kalk Bay, Simonstown , St James and Wynberg churches and the Cape Town Archives.

This Fish Family History is a compilation of some of the work of :

Robert Fish (of Knysna South Africa)

Clive Solomon (Wynberg Cape Town South Africa)

and Myself (Walter Veldsman UK) 
my brother Shaun Veldsman made a substantial contribution over the years - thanks Shaun

It has taken us over 20 years to get to this point.

I would like to thank all the family members who have made information and photographs available so that we could make some coherent sense of our collective history.

There are large gaps and errors in the text so please email me to correct these errors. I call upon all interested parties to contribute to our history as it is our history writen by all of us. So PLEASE contribute to a more accurate and fuller FISH FAMILY HISTORY.

Think of it this way, one day when we have all passed on some 400 yrs time or so, our great great grand children will have a wealth of information on all of our lives, “Their History”. There is so much to tell about the social and historic times we live in, the people we met and the events we witnessed. It is also a good opportunity to record your history for future generations of your family.

Thank You

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We desperately need copies of your old photographs and your family stories you want recorded.

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