Capt JOHN FISH (1797 Windsor - 1865 Kilsby)

How are the following people (in China 1800 to 1850) connected to our 
Captain John FISH ?? (born 1797 New Windsor)

THOMAS RICHARDSON COLLEDGE                    LANCELOT DENT                                CAPTAIN JOHN CROCKETT                     
Surgeon with the HEIC in Macao China            Merchant in Macao China              Captain of the HEIC Opium Store Ships                              


All of the paintings above were painted by George Chinnery the famous artist in Macao China

Thomas Richardson COLLEDGE (11 June 1797 – 28 October 1879) 
was an English surgeon with the East India Company at Guangzhou (Canton) who served part-time as the first medical missionary in China, and played a role in establishing the Canton Hospital. In 1837 he founded and served as the first president of the Medical Missionary Society of China.
Capt John Fish's wife MARY COLLEDGE, was the sister of Thomas Richardson Colledge.

Lancelot DENT was a 19th-century British merchant resident for a period in Canton, China who dealt primarily in opium. He was christened on August 4, 1799 in Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland, England, son of William and Jane (Wilkinson) Dent. Lancelot took over as senior partner of the trading house Dent & Co.
Capt John Fish married Mary Colledge who had a son from Lancelot Dent, Lancelot Dent adopted the child in 1843 in Kilsby at his baptism. The child is named John Dent Fish at his baptism in 1843 at Kilsby England.  Rev John Dent Fish also names his son Lancelot John Fish.

    Captain John C CROCKETT born 1 Dec 1786 Buckingham England - nationality British. Parents John & Ann CROCKETT died 25 Jun
   1837 at Campsing Moon Macao China age 50 burial no 87 location Lower Section. In command of an opium stores ship at LinTin Macao
   Capt John Fish lived in the same street as Capt John C Crockett ie in Sussex Place Slough in 1833 and our  Capt John Fish
   appears in the last Will & Testament of Capt John C Crockett in 1838. Capt John Fish also names his second son "John Crockett" 


It took the analysis of 10 Wills and testaments and countless documents from the BRITISH LIBRARY (FIBIS) and from many other archives around the world and 2 years to unravel the connections between our families. It turned out to be a wonderful adventurous detective story, full of twists and turns, dead ends, etc etc.
In the end it all made sense, we have all the documentation to prove all the linkages, its a solid facts based assessment.

Well, it all started in Macao China in 1827, a young lady by the name of Mary Colledge was visiting her famous brother the Surgeon Thomas Richardson Colledge in Macao, we understand Macao became a famous holiday destination for the "Well to do" in the late 1700's early 1800's. We gather she was romanced by lancelot Dent the very wealthy merchant in Macao and friend of her brother Thomas Richardson Colledge. It transpires that Mary Colledge has a child from Lancelot Dent, I assume the child was named John Dent in 1828 because in 1833 when our Capt John Fish marries Mary Colledge the child is adopted by Capt John Fish who becomes his legal gardian. The child is renamed John Dent Fish.
The first documented data we have of the father of John Dent Fish is shown below in the 1843 Kilsby baptism register for John Dent Fish "the adopted son of Lancelot Dent Esquire Merchant in Canton China"

Another reference is made when he marries Henrietta Barnes Chesterman in 1860 at the parish church in South Banbury.

In October 1861 Henrietta dies tragically. She dies a few months after her son Lancelot John Fish is born.

John Dent Fish Marries Mary Field in 1867. In the Marriage record at South Banbury Lancelot Dent is named by John Dent Fish as his father again.

The next reference is in the Last Will and Testament of Lancelot Dent 1853. The Rev John Dent Fish is executor of Lancelot's Will. (1st page of Lancelot's will below)

Lancelot bequeaths £10000 to The Rev John Dent Fish of Christchurch Banbury.
Lancelot also bequeaths £5000 to John Dent Fish's step brother John Fish (John Crockett Fish who is studying at Cambridge University) the second son of Capt John Fish & Mary Fish (nee Colledge). (2nd page of Lancelot's will below), both children studied at Cambridge University.

CAPT John Fish bap 4 Aug 1797 - Died 1856 

TIMELINE - Captain John FISH
1797 Age 0 — Birth 15 JUL 1797 • New Windsor, Berkshire, England  
1797 6 AUG • Baptism St Johns New Windsor Berkshire 
1804 Age 6 — Birth of Brother William Fish (1804–1875)
        27 JAN 1804 • Windsor Berkshire England 
1825 Age 28 — Death of Father Robert Fish (– 1825)
        4 DEC 1825 • Broad lane Winkfield aged 56 
1828 Age 31 — Birth of Son John Dent Fish (1828–1868)
        Sep 1828 • Macao, Tongcheng, Anhui, China 
1830 Age 32 — Death of Brother James William Fish (1794–1830)
        4 March 1830 • Berkshire, England 
1833 Age 36 — Marriage - Mary Colledge (1803–1872) 
        24 SEP 1833 • Kilsby St Faith, KILSBY, England  
1834 Age 37 — Birth of Son John Crockett Fish (1834–1889)
        14th September 1834 • Datchet, Buckingham- shire, England 
1841 Age 44 — Residence 1841 CENSUS
        1841 • Upton Cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, England 
1851 Age 54 — 1851 CENSUS 

1853 8th December - gg grandfather Thomas Wilkinson John Dent went to Lancelot Dent‘s funeral on 8th December 1853 at Crosby Ravensworth and records in his diary that “the Colledges, Capt Fish,  
JD Fish” were amongst the people at the funeral. There isn’t a diary for 1868, the year of JDF’s death. 

1855 13.6 Fish's going to Paris too… From the Diary of TWJ Dent - year 1855.

1861 Age 64 —  1861 CENSUS Residence1861 
        Kilsby, Northamptonshire, England BORN New Windsor Berkshire 
1862 14.8 Charlotte [Thompson nee Dent, TWJD’s sister] lunched with Major Fish’s -From the Diary of Thomas Wilkinson John Dent.  I would interpret Major Fish's as Capt John Fish, his son Rev John Dent Fish, possibly Dr John Crockett Fish and possibly Lancelot John Fish (son of Rev John Dent Fish). I can't speculate on whether their wives may have been with them??

1865 Age 67 — Death
        30 mar 1865 • Warwickshire, United Kingdom 
1865 Age 67 — Burial 30 Mar 1865
        • Kilsby, Northamptonshire, England 


St John Baptist - Windsor Parish Church c1760 by Margaret Yardley, ARCA
John Fish Baptised here on the 6 Aug 1797 (see above index)

Capt John Fish Married Mary Colledge 1833 Kilsby England

Capt John Fish was born in New Windsor Berkshire - see 1851 & 1861 census images below,
This is crucial, as it connects Capt John Fish to our family, this is the vital evidence we have been looking for, for so long. This is the only John Fish born then in New Windsor Church, see the New Windsor church register for baptisms above.

The document below shows Capt John Fish living at 14 Sussex Place Slough in 1833 - this is important for the connection to Capt John Crockett who also lives in Sussex Place. Our Capt John Fish is also a beneficiary of the will of Capt John Crockett. The second son of Capt John Fish and Mary (nee Colledge) named their son John Crockett Fish - "John Crockett" from their friends name Capt John Crockett.

Capt John Fish and his adopted son John Dent Fish holds stock 1852 in the East India Company.
Ref: India office and Burma Office lists. British Library

I think these are the corresponding properties as they are today taken from Google Earth Maps

John Crockett Fish Property for auction in 1881 in Kilsby (his parents property he inherited)

1854 Captain John Fish & his son Rev John Dent Fish are both Freemasons at The RUGBY Lodge of Rectitude 

in 1855 - 1856 Capt John Fish is in Bengal (see above) he is in the Lodge of Rectitude in Rugby alone with his son Rev John Dent Fish. I know Capt John Fish has been in Bengal India before, but I can't find the data yet, I also know that his elder brother Capt James William Fish came to Bengal in 1814 on the HEIC ship The ASIA as a FREE MARINER. (see Capt James William Fish web page)

Capt John Fish buried 1865 at St Faiths Church in Kilsby, I have visited this Church and can't find the grave of John Fish or his wife Mary Fish (nee Colledge).

1865 - Will of Capt John Fish

People mentioned in the will 
John Crocket Fish son & sole executor Northampton
Mary Fish - his wife 

MARY COLLEDGE 1803 - Sister to Dr Thomas Richardson Colledge Surgeon in Macau 1820's
Married Capt John Fish HEIC Service in 1833 at St Faiths Church in Kilsby Northamptonshire.
Mary Colledge travelled to Macau in the late 1820's on holiday to see her brother.

1872 WILL of MARY Fish nee Colledge
People mentioned in the will 
John Crocket fish - son & sole executor 
Rev John Dent Fish is in the will but he died 1868 before his mother Mary Fish
Thomas Richardson Colledge (Mary's brother in Cheltenham)

Capt John Crockett born 1786 died 1838 Capsin Moon China

Our Captain John Fish lived in the same street as Capt John C Crockett (Sussex Place Slough) from 1834 to 1836
Our Captain appears in the Last Will & Testament of Capt John C Crockett. Our Capt John Fish names his second child "John Crockett" Fish after his friend Capt John Crockett, who at some point was Capt of the HEIC Shah Byramgore.

Captain John Crockett was commander of the ship JANE - in the HEIC's lintin island Opium fleet in Macao China, the JANE was the Store Ship for the Opium Fleet.

Lintin Island Location to Hong Kong & Macao

1837 Will of Capt John C Crockett
Our John Fish named in the Will of Capt John C Crockett

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