Dr JOHN CROCKETT FISH  1834 - 1889


1834 Age 0 — Birth 14th September 1834 the child of John and Mary Fish (nee Colledge of Kilsby) 
                  • Datchet, Buckingham- shire, England 
1834 Age 0      1834 Baptism 3 NOV 1834 • Datchet,Buckingham,England 
1841 Age 7 — 1841 CENSUS  • Upton Cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, England

1851 Age 17 —1851 CENSUS 1851 • Bramdean, Hampshire, England

1852 Age 18 —1852 Matriculation

1852 Age 18 —Cambridge University CAIUS COLLEGE 
1855 13.6 Fish's going to Paris too… From the Diary of Thomas Wilkinson John Dent.

1856 26.5 Went to Longacre for a warm bath, John Crockett Fish had called while I was out - 
         From the Diary of Thomas Wilkinson John Dent. 

1861 Age 27 —1861 CENSUS 1861 • St Bartholomew The Less, Middlesex, England 

1862 14.8 Charlotte [Thompson nee Dent, TWJD’s sister] lunched with Major Fish’s -
From the Diary of Thomas Wilkinson John Dent yr 1862.  I would interpret Major Fish's as Capt John Fish, his son Rev John Dent Fish, possibly Dr John Crockett Fish and possibly Lancelot John Fish (son of Rev John Dent Fish). I can't speculate on whether their wives may have been with them??
1865 Age 30 —1865 Death of Father Capt John Fish (1797–1865) 30 mar 1865 • Warwickshire, United Kingdom 
1868 Age 33 — 1868 Death of Brother John Dent Fish (1828–1868) July 1868 • 28 Fitzroy Square, London, England 

1871 Age 37 — 1871 CENSUS 1871 • Sevenoaks, Kent, England 

1872 Age 38 — 1872 Death of Mother Mary Colledge (1803–1872) 24 May 1872 • Kilsby St Faith Church, England 
1881 Age 47 — 1881 CENSUS 1881 • Marylebone, London, England
1889 Age 54 — 1889 Death 29 Jun 1889 • Middlesex, England

John Crockett Fish schooled at Blackheath Proprietary & Private as well
John Crocket Fish, but all the way through he is H Fish. The front index H is crossed out and it looks like JC added? His sponsor was Captain Fish of Sussex Place Slough. John C Fish is also mentioned briefly in the school’s history.

Blackheath Proprietary School early 1800's

John Crockett Fish went to Caius Colledge, Cambridge University from 1852 onwards
His brother John Dent Fish went to the same Colledge before him.

 John Crockett Fish lived at 92 Wimpole Street London as shown below

Enlarged view above of 92 Wimpole street as it is today

Dr John Crockett Fish - 1868 Medical Journal - St Bartholomew's Hospital Reports 

1889 Last Will & Testament for John Crockett Fish

WILL of John Crockett Fish died June 1889

People mentioned in this will
Sole Executor: John Dent of 8 Fitzroy Sqr London

Beneficiaries in will
lancelot john fish son of Rev John Dent Fish
John college Price
Charles william Paterson
Matilda Paterson
Elizabeth Price
John walter Price
Margaret Price
Thomas Wilkinson John Dent
Harvey William Dent
Richard austen Chesterman
James Thompson
Elizabeth Cowley
Mary Williams 
Herbert archibald Fish Winn
Lawrence john Fish Winn
Charlotte Winn
Ethel Mary Fish Winn
??? Tremayne

Dr John Crockett Fish was also buried in the same grave as Rev John Dent Fish his brother in 1889. In 1861 the registered owners of the grave were Wilkinson Dent & John Crockett Fish and the potential heirs would have been the executors of the last of these two people to die.  In this case Wilkinson Dent died in 1886 and Dr John Crocket Fish died in 1889. The executor of John Crockett Fish's will was his nephew John Dent of 8 Fitzroy Square, London, United Kingdom.

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