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1794 15 December - Birth - Windsor Berkshire
1795 4th January - baptism - St John's Church New Windsor, Berkshire England
1814 22 February - leaves Portsmouth on the Asia for Madras with the HEIC Company
1820 19th August - arrives as chief officer (Captain) of the Ship Favorite (an american ship)
1820 19th August - Petition for permission to settle in the colony
1822 Captain of the Colonial Cutter "SNAPPER"
1825 4th December James father Robert Fish dies in Windsor England
1827 arrives in Culcutta from Penang on the ship SUNBURY
1830 4 March Dies in Old Windsor, Berkshire England
1830 16 March James William Fish buried at St Mary Winkfield Berkshire England  


Born 15 Dec 1794 and Baptised 4th Jan 1795 at St Johns Church New Windsor Berkshire England, son of Robert Fish and Sarah (nee Law).


James William Fish (aged 20) travelled from Portsmouth England 22 Feb 1814 on "The ASIA" to Madras (Now Chennai) in India as part of the Honourable East India Company’s crew. They arrived in Madras in 4 July 1814.  The master of “The ASIA” was Captain, The Honorable Henry Pendares Tremenheere. This can be confirmed on the FIBIS Website (Families in British India Society) 

Painting on canvas of “The ASIA” East Indiaman in waters off Hong Kong, China (of the Honourable East India Company) of London England, James William Fish travelled on this very ship in 1814, isn't that fantastic, just over 200 yrs ago.

High Definition copies of this print is available from the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, 
Title: “ASIA 1836”  East Indiaman. 
QUOTE NEGATIVE REPRO ID No - BHC3209 if you want a print. 
Painting on Canvas: The East Indiaman 'Asia'  by William John Huggins
Date painted: 1836, Oil on canvas, 81.3 x 127 cm, Collection: National Maritime Museum
This oil painting of the East Indiaman 'Asia' belonged to Thomas Gardiner, who had been purser when she sailed to Madras, Bengal and China in 1831 to 1832. The ship was built in 1811 and is shown off Hong Kong between 1831 and 1832, towards the end of her career.
British Fort St George in Madras the destination port for HEIC ships in the early 1800's 


James William Fish leaves India on the American Ship Favorite as Captain and departs with Matilda Batho and her family to Sydney Australia.
JAMES aged 25 married Matilda Batho 1820 in Sydney City, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia See the following website detailing the 1st inhabitants of Sydney Australia


Sydney 19th August 1822
Capt James William Fish (came free as Chief Officer of the ship Favorite, former master of the ship Snapper)

Capt J.W. Fish late master of His Majesty's Colonial Cutter Snapper, employed surveying the coast of New Holland, to the Southward of this Post as far as Cape Howe.

This is the only picture of the Snapper that we could find so far, If anyone finds more details like the plans or any pictures please send them to me at, thank you.

 This is a painting of the Colonial Cutter the "Mermaid" - We expect the Snapper to look very similar

1827 September

Arrival of James William Fish on the ship called Sunbury, in Calcutta from Penang, Malaysian ref “1827 - The quarterly Oriental Magazine - review & Register”


Captain James William Fish died aged 35 years old on 4th March 1830 in Old Windsor and was buried on 16th March 1830 at St Mary Winkfield Berkshire England.

The gravestone on the right is for Capt James William Fish who died on 4 March 1830.
His father's gravestone is on the left, Robert Fish died in 1825 in Winkfield Berkshire England.

Text on Grave Stone: Buried at St Mary's Churchyard Winkfield Berkshire England. 
THE 4th OF MARCH 1830

Please see the following document in the library of Ku-ring-gai in North Sydney  
1984, English, Unpublished edition:
A bibliography concerning Matilda Fish and her husband James William Fish - : early settlers in Lane Cove, in the Colony of New South Wales / Florence Battye. [manuscript] / 
REFERENCE Work citations
Edition identifier
APA citation

Battye, Florence (1984).  A bibliography concerning Matilda Fish and her husband James William Fish - : early settlers in Lane Cove, in the Colony of New South Wales.

REFERENCES for data on Capt James William Fish in Australian Libraries

Colonial Secretary Index, 1788-1825

"FAVORITE". American ship

1806 Mar 27

Proposal by Governor King to charter ship to bring rice to Sydney (Reel 6041; 4/1720 pp.52-3)

1820 Aug 19

James William Fish arrived as chief officer of (Reel 6050; 4/1747 pp.131-2)

1820 Sep

Bound for Penang and Calcutta. Re attested copy of muster roll of (Reel 6018; 4/3521 p.260)”

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